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Learn how to recognize and be healed and delivered of Leviathan, Python, the deaf-adder spirit, the religious brood-of-vipers spirit and other serpents that are causing cancer, infertility, addictions, and lack! Since Katie began teaching about demonic serpents she has gotten many new revelations. In the process, she decided to develop her soaking disc, The first is Fire Soak. Katie incorporates the most potent fire scriptures with snake-trampling decrees. As you soak to this disc, it will facilitate the healing of your soul of anything you have in common with these serpents and drive them out of their hiding places! Psalmist Janie Duvall created special healing and deliverance music to back up these powerful scriptures. Also, learn why Communion is a power that can heal you from the poison of spiritual snakebite, just as it healed the Apostle Paul. Click through to learn more about this powerful teaching and soaking CD combo set!

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